How to build a mushroom terrarium

You need:

* 50L – 150L clear plastic storage tub with a lid

* spray bottle

* 12mm – 16mm drill bit or hole borer

* Enough Perlite to cover the base of your container


1. Soak perlite for 12 hours.

2. Fill the bottom 3-5cm of your container with soaked perlite and drill 4 holes on the longest side of the storage tub, 3 holes on the short end, above the line of perlite (drill a hole about every 20cm along the sides, and ends) and 6 holes in the lid. Also drill some 2 – 3mm holes in the bottom of the tub for excess water drainage in the lowest points of the bottom. NOTE: the bigger your container the more holes you will need.

3. Place your home grow kit inside, as per instructions for kit and sit back and watch. (For Shiitake mushrooms, remove bag and sit on some kitchen foil so the block is not directly on the perlite.) maintain your terrarium: All you need to do is mist inside once or twice a day and the perlite will maintain the humidity for you. As long as there are water droplets on the walls and roof of your terrarium, it is humid enough for your mushrooms.

You could consider purchasing a pond fogger/humidifier in summer to keep humidity levels up.
It is optional.

Click Here to watch Mandy's video tutorial.

Source: Mandy