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Choosing True Mushroom Extracts

FRUITING BODIES - offer a much more effective, high-quality product than mycelium extracts. Fruiting bodies are considered “full spectrum” as they provide a wider array of the mushroom’s nutritional components. Fruiting bodies offer more minerals, including phosphorous, copper, zinc, and potassium. Fruiting body extracts also contain higher concentrations of vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin D, beta-carotene, and various B vitamins.

MYCELIUM - on the other hand, was primarily created as a cheaper alternative that was quicker to produce. The benefits of mushroom extracts are studied in relation to the fruiting body. Mycelium actually contains very little of the important compounds, vitamins, and nutrients of the actual mushroom.


*Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking any of the product listed herein. This information is for educational purposes and is not a substitute for a consultation with your doctor or healthcare professional.
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Chanterelle is full of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamin such as: Vitamins D, A, E and C, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Thiamine( vitamin B1), Riboflavin ( vitamin B2)

• Alleviating PMS Syndrome, Numerous women are suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) throughout the world. It is one of the serious problems that take place in majority of the women, manganese in Chanterelle can be useful to reduce these monthly situations like mood swings, depression, headaches and irritability

•Migraine, adults who don’t get sufficient amount of riboflavin have tendency to experience repeated headaches and even migraines. Riboflavin is one of the essential vitamins which can be obtained by regular consumption of Chanterelle. Regular consumption of this mushroom reduces both the frequency and intensity of the headaches.

•Brain Function

•Proper growth, Copper is one of the highly essential minerals present in Chanterelle Mushroom for normal growth and development of body parts and overall health.

•Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes

• Maintains Skin Health, Chanterelle is one of the good sources of Vitamin B3 which in the form of niacinamide. Niacin helps to reduce skin inflammation, irritation, flare ups, redness, and more, it is also used for handling skin conditions named bullous pemphigoid and granuloma annulare.

•Stress Reducer

•Help Improve Muscle Mass, consuming sufficient amount of protein is essential to build and maintain healthy muscle mass, while also supporting ligaments, tendon and other body tissue. Chanterelle consists of ample minimal of protein which is required after exercise, as physical activity persistently damages muscle tissues therefore they can repair and grow back stronger.
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Shiitakes are of the most popular cultivated varieties of specialty mushrooms Some shiitake health benefits include:

•Support Immune Function, have ability to BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and combat many diseases by way of providing important vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
In study carried out by the American College of Nutrition it was found that shiitake mushroom has improved gut immunity and cell-effector functions. The research also shows that shiitake mushroom consumption leads to a reduction in gut inflammation.

•Fight obesity - Some of the chemical components in shiitake mushrooms, such as eritadenine and b-glucan, have fat-reducing properties. Research has proved that b-glucan reduces food intake, increases satiety, and can reduce the level of fat in the plasma. According to research published in the journal of Obesity, researchers conclude that adding shiitake mushrooms to high-fat diets is efficient in preventing weight gain. Some other ongoing research is focusing on the efficiency of shiitake mushroom for the prevention and treatment of obesity and other metabolic disorders.

•Destroy Cancer Cells, research suggest that shiitake helps fight cancer cells and help heal chromosome damage caused by anti cancer treatments. In 2006, a group of researchers made a study on the potency of ethyl acetate extracted from shiitake mushroom. The result published in the Alternative and Complementary Medicine shows that shiitake mushroom is capable of inhibiting growth in tumor cells through microchemical actions. Shiitake mushroom was able to induce apoptosis, which is the process of programming cell death. This result indicates that shiitake mushrooms could be a potent natural treatment for cancer.

•Support Cardiovascular Health- Shiitake mushrooms have a family of compounds called sterols that can control the way the liver produces cholesterol. Apart from sterols, some other phytonutrients prevent the blood cells from sticking to the walls of the blood vessels, thereby preventing plaque accumulation. All these features help in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

•Contain Antimicrobial Properties - A study carries out in 2011 at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute in London tested the efficacy of shiitake mushrooms in combating gingivitis. They also compared the results with the top gingivitis mouthwash with the active ingredient chlorhexidine. Gingivitis is characterized by the buildup of biofilm in the gingival margin. The results show that the patients subjected to shiitake mushrooms treatment experienced a reduction in bacteria and other infectious oral microbes. Surprisingly, shiitake does not affect non-infectious organisms in the mouth. On the other hand, chlorhexidine has a mild effect on all organisms in the oral cavity.

•Boost Energy and Brain Function shiitake are great source of B vitamins, which help support adrenal function and turn nutrients from food into usable energy. They also help improve hormonal balance, increases focus, and cognitive functions. Can help solve the B vitamins deficiency, such deficiency leads to energy slums, cloudy thinking, and unhealthy blood cells, among many other symptoms.

•Provide Vitamin D - We all know that the sun is the best source of vitamin D, but you can still get a decent amount of this vital vitamin from shiitake mushrooms. Vitamin D is crucial for healthy bone and teeth formation and minimizes the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases as well as autoimmune diseases. This vitamin is also required for the normal absorption and metabolism of phosphorus and calcium.

•Promote Skin Health - A combination of selenium, vitamin A and Vitamin E helps alleviate acne and its deteriorating effect on the skin. Shiitake mushrooms is an effective natural remedy for acne. The zink content in shiitake mushrooms also helps strengthen the immune system and improve skin healing.
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• Enhances Brain Function, Could Protect Against Dementia, Lion’s mane mushrooms contain compounds that stimulate the growth of brain cells and protect them from damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

•Improve Mental Health and Overall Well-Being, natural remedy for depression and anxiety.

•May Speed Recovery from Nervous System Injuries - Injuries to the brain or spinal cord can be devastating. They often cause paralysis or loss of mental functions and can take a long time to heal. However, research has found that lion’s mane mushroom extract may help speed recovery from these types of injuries by stimulating the growth and repair of nerve cells. Lion’s mane extract may also help reduce the severity of brain damage after a stroke.

•Protects Against Ulcers in the Digestive Tract. Lion’s mane may also significantly improve symptoms of two major inflammatory disorders of the digestive system, gastritis and inflammatory bowel disease

•Reduces Heart Disease Risk - lion’s mane mushrooms contain a compound called hericenone B, which can decrease the rate of blood clotting and lower the risk of heart attack or stroke.

•Helps Manage Diabetes Symptoms - Lion’s mane mushroom can help lower blood sugar and reduce diabetic nerve pain

•May Help Fight Cancer. Has been found to potentially slow the progression or reverse the spread of: Leukemia, Gastric (stomach) cancer, Lung cancer, Cervical cancer, Liver cancer, Colon cancer ,Breast cancer

•Reduces Inflammation and Oxidative Stress. Acts as a Powerful Antioxidant, These antioxidants may also: Help prevent osteoporosis, Protect from alcohol-induced liver damage, Slow the aging of skin.

The two most well-known benefits of consuming lion’s mane are the potential ability to prevent or protect the spread of neurodegenerative disease and cancer. If you're looking for natural, non-toxin brain steroids look no further than Lion's Mane. Evidence points to this mushroom helping support cognitive functioning, boosting mental focus and improving memory. Research in humans found positive results on mental functioning in the elderly.
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Over the past several decades, dozens of different studies have demonstrated that reishi mushrooms are capable of offering protection against numerous diseases or illnesses, including:

•fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome)
•frequent infections (urinary tract, bronchitis, respiratory infections, etc.)
•liver disease
•food allergies and asthma
•digestive problems, stomach ulcers and leaky gut syndrome
•tumor growth and cancer
•skin disorders
•autoimmune disorders
•viruses, including the flu, HIV/AIDS or hepatitis
•heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure and high cholesterol
•sleep disorders and insomnia
•anxiety and depression

The reishi mushroom is a powerful medicinal mushroom that has been used for its healing abilities for thousands of years and fits the definition of a true superfood. earning them the nickname “king of mushrooms.”