Look carefully at your sawdust block to see if the mushrooms have already started to pin (grow) and follow the yes or no instructions.

YES - remove the log from the plastic bag and go to step 3

NO - go to step 1.

Step 1 - Cut the top of the bag off and fill with cold water.

Step 2 - After 12 hours, drain the water out of the bag and remove the log from the plastic bag.

Step 3 - Place somewhere humid and mist with water twice per day.
As a suggestion, a big bucket inside your house with water in the bottom and a brick to sit your kit on out of the water works very well. Cover 3/4 the lid of the bucket with clear plastic to help keep the humidity high, make sure you fan fresh air in the bucket when you mist twice per day.

Step 4 - Watch your mushrooms grow before your eyes.

After your first flush sit your log somewhere outside of the bucket to dry out and to settle for around 10 days.

-Completely submerge the sawdust block in a bucket of cold water

-You will need to weight it down to keep it submerged

-You can add ice to the water to chill it even further

-Keep it submerged for about 12 hours

-Remove, drain excess water and place in its final location


You should get up to 3 flushes of mushroom, the biggest being the first flush and a little less each time after.When your kit is finished, don't throw it away as you can use it for compost in your garden.
If you not ready to use the kit you can stick it in the fridge until you are, as they will store for up to a month no problem.
Shiitake takes 7-14 days to fruit