Things you need:

- Clean knife
- Spray bottle filled with cold boiled water or bottle water

1. Whit clean sharp knife cut X on plastic bag, this is where mushrooms will start grow out, ( you can cut small multi X, or if already kit start pining cut X everywhere are pins.)

2. 1-2 times per day give a light mist on the X so the mushrooms will start grow.

After first flush you can turn your block around and repeat step 1 and 2. If you do so put tape over old cut to prevent air get in.*

After 2nd flush of mushrooms you may need to rehydrate your kit.( kit fell very light, over summer you may need to rehydrate your kit after 1st flush)

- Submerge block in cold boiled water for 12-24 hours

- Drain excess water and put block on fruiting place.


After every flush, rest the block in a dark dry place for two weeks

If the block has dried, submerge it in water for a minimum of 12 hours up to 24.

Remove the block from the water and allow any excess to drain.

When the block has drained, place it in your chosen fruiting place.

Repeat steps 1-2