Top fruiting mushroom kit (Nameko, King Oyster, Swordbelt, Enoki)

Top fruiting mushrooms need high humidity to fruit evenly.

We recommend either making a terrarium or fruiting inside the bag as below.

Cut top of the bag. Opening on the top allow the CO2 created from the mushrooms to escape from bag.

Place your kit somewhere cool, ( under 20 degrees )*with enough light to read a book.

Mist approximately every 2 day OR if there no water droplets on the internal plastic wall of the bag.**

Harvest your mushrooms

When your mushrooms are ready, pick all of them at once and then close the bag up again and wait for another flush to come through. After 2-3 flashes your block may need to re-hydrating, do this by soaking it in water for 5-12 hours.


*under 20 degrees ideal, but going to fruit under or above that temperature

** during Sumer have to mist more often

During hot weather your block maybe need to be re-hydrated after 1st or 2nd flush.

If you not pick up all mushrooms at once, should not be any issue but not close the bag while have mushrooms in

Nameko is slow growing mushrooms it's take 4-6 weeks to fruit